NW Parking Systems

NW Parking Systems is striving for the future, and believe that Automated Car Parking Systems will play an essential key in the car parking industry.

NW Parking Systems have developed an advanced AUTOMATED CAR PARKING SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY to deal with our current CBD car parking crisis. Currently, space is a valuable commodity and with land prices ever increasing, NW Parking Systems has a solution to that problem.

NW Parking Systems is a subsidiary of New World Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd, a well established steel company, supplying to many companies in the Mining, Refinery, Petro Chemical Plant, General & Heavy Industries over the past 35 years.

We have extensively researched the Korean and Japanese market, who themselves are worldwide leaders in the Automated Car Parking Systems industry.

Our specialists & engineers at NW Parking Systems are highly experienced with every aspect of Automated & Mechanical Car Parking equipment from the design stage, to the installation and the long term maintenance of the machines.

This allows us to supply design details and quotations for equipment at a world class standard, with the best workmanship and service, at competitive prices.

Our product range covers many types of machines for parking from 2 to 200 cars, and a range of Turntables, Vehicle Lifts and other allied Car Parking products.

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